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Happy Hours School is an esteemed organization that strives for excellence and our goal is to motivate children for lifelong learning. We have a vision of creating a community of connected, confident Indian global citizens. We work to instil values, learning and positive attitude in the minds of the learners to create young and promising leaders of tomorrow. Our goal is to nurture the budding blossoms with love, care and affection. As a prestigious organisation we collaborate and work to keep up the school motto. ‘I am a promise, I am a possibility’. It is a platform where students are provided opportunities to learn and explore their talent and skills. We motivate learners to become reflective thinkers and give them right direction for achieving desired learning outcomes. We continuously work towards shaping the overall personality and create SMART learners.

We inculcate diverse skills through practical teaching, real life learning, multiple intelligence and multidisciplinary approach at all levels. Through activity based learning, we encourage the students to think critically and brainstorm their ideas. They are motivated to learn with passion and curiosity. They are regularly updated with current happenings around them in order to create informed leaders of the future. We also sensitize children towards the immediate surroundings and global issues to create a generation of environmentally conscious children as well as adults. They are inspired to become confident individuals and be willing to accept challenges.

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