Welcome to Happy Hours School | Admissions are open from class 1st to 12th | First List of Admission 2021-22 |
Welcome to Happy Hours School | Admissions are open from class 1st to 12th | First List of Admission 2021-22 |

Story Telling activity was done for the story "The Lion and the Mouse". The purpose of this activity was to develop listening skills, Increase vocabulary, help understand different emotions and words

Initial Release of Instagram

Integrated Learning is Fun(5.10.2020)

NEP Implementation(5.10.2020)

Learning is Fun(3.10.2020)

Learning My Way(3.10.2020)


PACE MODEL(3.10.2020)

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration(2.10.2020)

Gandhi Jayanti(2.10.2020)

Tribute to the Father of our Nation (2.10.2020)

Prevention is better than cure(29.09.2020)

Integrated Learning(26.09.2020)

Bookmark Activity(26.09.2020)

Vector Borne Diseases(24.09.2020)

Lifelong Learning

Indian Poet(23.09.2020)

International day of Peace(21.09.2020)

Fun Learning Approach(23.09.2020)

Read and Talk Story Session (16.09.2020)

Hindi Language - Our Mother Tongue, Our Pride (15.09)

Art Work done by Our Students

Poem Recitation by Peehoo (14.09)

Celebration of Hindi Diwas (14.09)

Hindi Diwas 2020(14.09)

Thank you lovely children (13.09)

Library Time is Fun Time!

Story Time!

I Love Learning! (5.08.2020)

Nature Conservation (5.08.2020)

I am still learning(4.08.2020)

Enjoy What You Create....(4.08.2020)

Rakhi Making Activity(4.08.2020)

Be Creative(3.08.2020)

Happy Raksha Bandhan(3.08.2020)

Rakhi Card for Sister(3.08.2020)

Raksha Bandhan - Bond of Love (3.08.2020)

Numbers Numbers Everywhere..... (2.08.2020)

Let's Get Creative(2.08.2020)

Fight Against Corona

My Learning(1.08.2020)

Learning Never Stops(26.07.2020)

Creative Corner(25.07.2020)

Art Work(25.07.2020)

Creativity in the Classroom(25.07.2020)

Love for Gardening(24.07.2020)

Story Telling Session(24.07.2020)

Learning is Fun(24.07.2020)

play, Learn and Grow Together(24.07.2020)

My Craft Work(23.07.2020)

It's Story Time!

Art Work(22.07.2020)

Pi approximation Day(22.07.2020)

Game on Roman Numerals

Clay Art(21.07.2020)

Hindi Riddles(21.07.2020)

Mathematical Board Game(20.07.2020)

National Moon Day(20.07.2020)

Learning is Fun (16.07.2020)

Creative Little Hands(16.07.2020)

Bastille Day (14.07.2020)

Fun with Clay (14.07.2020)

Happy Bastille Day(14.07.2020)

Learning is Fun (12.07.2020)

Concept Exploration (12.07.2020)

Believe in yourself (11.07.2020)

Save Girl Child

Budding Artist Naksh (11.07.2020)

Talented Peehoo

Concept Building (10.07.2020)

Powerful Learning (9.07.2020)

Creative Minds (9.07.2020)

Little Hands At Work (9.07.2020)

Don't stop until you're proud (9.07.2020)

Little Hands At Work (8.07.2020)

I Am Happy! (8.07.2020)

Self composed poem by Peehoo

Deficiency Diseases (6.07.2020)

My Creation(3.07.2020)

Project Based Learning (3.02.2020)

International Plastic Bag Free Day

Aim for the Sky (3.02.2020)

World UFO Day(2.07.2020)

Moral values (30.06.2020)

Project on My Country (30.06.2020)

Fun with Origami (1.07.2020)


Learning by Doing (28.06.2020)

My Country,My Pride (28.06.2020)

Summer Projects(27.06.2020)

Project Based Learning (27.06.2020)

My Expression , My Story(27.06.2020)

Concept Building (27.06.2020)

Expression through Art (25.06.2020)

HHS Little Chefs(25.06.2020)

Story Time (25.06.2020)

My Strength, My Dad (24.06.2020)

Paper Gift (24.06.2020)

Landscape Drawing (24.06.2020)

Summer Craft(24.06.2020)

Creative Minds at Work (23.06.2020)

Fitness First (22.06.2020)

Concept Building- Big and Small

General knowledge (22.06)

Happy Father's Day (21.06.2020)

Tribute by our alumni

Thankyou Papa

Heartfelt Feelings by Mehan

Happy Father's Day - Naman(21.06.2020)

World Music Day(21.06.2020)

International Day of yoga

HHS young Chefs

Curious Minds

Creative Minds

Culture Study

Concept - Big and Small

Learning goes on....

Building Effective Vocabulary

Festivals and Celebrations

Art Work

Art Integration in Mathematics- Project work

Amazing Artwork!

Story Time

Well Done Kashmin!

Creative Hands at Work

Meet the Author- Roald Dahl

Learning Never Stops

Mathematics Prodigy

Pascal's Triangle

Yoga session for kids

Palindromic Numbers

Art- Earbud Printing

English Language

General Awareness

Fun time!

Art Integration with Mathematics

Mask making activity

Tanraj's Art work

Summer Snack

Art Work

Experiential Learning

World Food Safety Day 2020

Project Based Learning- Sikkim

Drawing is exercise for a restless imagination

Reading habits

Plant a tree, Plant a life

World Environment Day

Yummy snack by Kashmin

Creative Exploration

My India, My Pride

Indian Mathematician - Aryabhatta

Storytelling is an Art.

Meet the author - William Shakespeare

World Bicycle Day

Celebrating Diversity

Meet the Author - Mark Twain

Creativity knows no boundaries

Global Running Day

Meet the Author - Kabir Das ji


Kaprekar Numbers

Telangana Formation Day

Important Fact

Art Integration in Mathematics

Important Facts

Meet the Author - Charles Dickens

Mind and Body Fitness

Global Day of Parents

Project Based Learning

Learning still goes on .....

World No Tobacco Day

Good Reading Habits

Changing Lifestyle


Meet the Author - Ruskin Bond

Art work of our students

Imperfection is Perfection

Zumba - My Fitness Mantra

Meet the Author

Safety First

Fun with Physical Exercises

Story Narration

Art work

Project based Learning

Aerobics session

Art work of our children

Sandwich making activity

Story Narration

Master chef Veronica

Learning finds its way

Be Creative

Poem Recitation

Fun filled learning

"Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas in to the world" Thank you Yuvraj sir(a visiting faculty at school) for sharing such a wonderful story with a beautiful message.

KIIT - Shaping personalities through Theater

Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing: Keys to a child's success

The purest and truest meaning of the word unconditional can only be found in a mother's love. Our cute little Inara is expressing her unconditional love for her mother through this video.


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Shakespeare Day 23.04.2020

Corona Journal

Happiness News bulletin is on its way to bring a smile on your face and share the magical moments of our parents and children. Please visit the link , like and subscribe

Earth Day 2020

Earth Day Celebration

#GreenMessage #KIITInitiative #ThankyouYuvrajSir

Our Parent school KIIT has launched its news channel. Tune into it for more updates.

Parent School KIIT news channel has uploaded new edition on Mental Health.

Happy Hours Fraternity show their solidarity during this COVID19 Pandemic

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A message and appeal from mentor - Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia

A message from theatre expert, a visiting faculty at KIIT World School. Mr.Yuvraj Sharma is an alumnus of NSD and specializes in theatre for children and has won many accolades. A small story to make

"Mr. Yuvraj, an alumnus of NSD, a visiting faculty at KIIT celebrates World Theatre Day and shares snippets of his close to heart project-- theatre in education."

#BeatCorona #BeSafe

A message from theatre expert, a visiting faculty at school.

India Fights Corona

Skill Building

Happy Hour

Fancy Dress on Community Helpers